Who are We?

Homeland Security


 Our Homeland Security department is the local field structure of our Nation's National Response Plan (NRP) and is responsible for planning, warning, mitigation,  recovery and coordination of  operations  for our departments

Public Safety


  This division's volunteers support  thorough  a variety of efforts, from working at village special events to  assisting and working in tandem with other local, county and state  agencies.  

Emergency Services


Emergency Services is the heart of the department.

Special Teams


Our Special Teams division consists of multiple trained volunteers, who make up our Communications Team, Fire Team, Bike Team and Honor Guard.

Medical Reserve Corps.


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Auxcomm & Ares (Ham Radio)


A uniformly trained and credentialed unit of communication volunteers  available for per-planned events, emergency or disaster responses

Homeland Security Department


Our Homeland Security department is the local field structure of our Nation's National Response Plan (NRP) .The NRP provides mechanisms for expedited and proactive Federal support to ensure critical life-saving assistance and incident containment capacities are in place to respond quickly and efficiently to catastrophic incidents. These are high-impact, low-probability incidents, including natural disasters and terrorist attacks that  result in levels of mass casualties, damage or disruption severely affecting the population, infrastructure, environment, economy, and/or local government functions.

The Homeland Security department is charged with the planning and writing of Incident Action Plans (IAP) for special events and operations, as well as  planning, warning, mitigation,  recovery and coordination of  operations  for our departments .  Our Homeland Security Department provides a variety of intelligence processing of  Homeland Security alerts, Officer Safety Alerts and memos for dissemination to effected Village departments.


Public Safety Department


Our Public Safety department helps the Homeland Security department  with the planning and writing of Incident Action Plans (IAP) for special events and operations, as well as  assisting with the planning, warning, mitigation and recovery operations.

The Public Safety department also helps with the overseeing of the Emergency Services Division.


Emergency Services Division


The Emergency Services division (ESD) is made up volunteer members who due Traffic Control, Search & Rescue and many other emergency service functions, the ESD reports to the Public Safety Department.

Traffic Control

Melrose Park Public Safety responds to take control of traffic during times of crisis, emergencies, power outages and severe weather.  We also provide traffic control during large events in the Melrose Park area. 

Search & Rescue

What is Search & Rescue?

Search & Rescue (SAR) deals with the location of persons who are missing and who are either known  to be or likely to be injured or in distress. SAR incidents are a problem that could affect everyone. Our SAR unit is comprised of volunteer personnel, who have specific training and expertise in SAR and  related areas. Search and Rescue volunteers are trained in the most current techniques on how to search for lost persons on land or possible drownings. Our SAR team trains regularly, and may be deployed anywhere  in the state upon request of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.


Our SAR team is comprised of personnel trained in many different disciplines: 

Search Managers / Planers 

Ground Search & Rescue

K-9 Search & Rescue 

SAR Operations Specialists 

Special Teams Division


Communication & IT Team

The telecommunication ans Information technology team is made up of specially trained volunteers that operate are communication and computer equipment.  There are responsible for updates and repair to our systems.  These teams also operates the Unified Command Post  (UCP) during emergencies and special events. 

Fire Team

 The fire team works in conjunction with the Melrose Park Fire Department.  The team has a Squad Truck,  Engine and ambulance. We provide automatic aid to working  fires within Melrose Park to aid the Fire Department. Besides emergencies the team also responds to major events in Melrose Park. The team trains multiple times a month as well as meets to maintain and check  apparatus to ensure that our equipment will always be ready when requested. 

Bike Team

Our bike team was developed in 2001 for rapid search and rescue. Since that time the team has developed because the bikes are able to move thru crowds and traffic quicker then a car or an ambulance. The team carries equipment to provide medical treatment, crowd and traffic control. Year round training on and off road prepares us for any environment. The team is also able to completely maintain and repair the bikes in the field. The bike team is present at many events including the Feast of Out Lady of Mt. Carmel and many others. The bike team rides along the routes of these events placing them next to the participants as well as the spectators to provide immediate medical treatment,  traffic or crowd control 

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard’s mission is to serve the public by presenting a professional and disciplined image to the community representative of our departments commitment to excellence.

We also strive to honor the United States Flag and all lost members of the Public Safety Family and the U.S. Military to the best of our ability. We participate as a Color Guard in local parades and formal functions, as well as give due respect and ceremony in funerals and memorials.