Additional Information

In these times of uncertainty in America, whether due to natural disaster, a terrorist-related event, or an accident, public safety is a matter of utmost concern to the Village of Melrose Park. The Village is preparing, and equipping, for any type of threat to public safety that may occur. Keeping you and your family safe, and providing resources and contacts for you to be able to make informed decisions, is the essence of Public Safety in Melrose Park.

Therefore, the Mission of the Melrose Park Public Safety is three fold, first is to provide to the community of Melrose Park a competent, professional well trained group of volunteers able to respond to any emergency situation that may require our assistance. Secondly is to provide to the residents of Melrose Park Dissemination of emergency preparedness and public information to lessen the impact from emergencies and to help the public be better prepared in the event of disaster or emergency.  Third to provide emergency response and mutual aid help to our surrounding comminutes, and as well as emergency response and mutual aid to MABAS Division XX.